france group
Really pretty, but something not quite right...hummm

Done! I feel good about her now!

seeds of enchantment
Or, my latest finished piece...
"Seeds of Enlightenment" 7' x 5'6"

Spirits of Place ~ A Mini-Pictorial Journal of Hawaii

I have embarked on a two month Hawaiian adventure to the Island of Kauai to dance a dream of mine that I have desired to manifest for a very long time. The "Spirits of Place" have been beckoning; enchanting me with the sweet energy of the Kauai to paint, teach and dance my dream.

This is my process and journey in the form of mini - pictorial journaling. A photo or two or three or more, with my journal reflections below each picture, telling my story as it evolves.

At the beginning of my journey the photos of my art work will be in- process photos; and perhaps other photos of my journey ( who knows what they will be!) See the example to the left: a photo of a piece in progress...

August 13, 2013 ~ Entry 2:

Aloha My Friends,

Sorry I have not written sooner; but I've been very distracted & have been delinquent in my catch up...

sweet kauai
Sweet Kauai---done!

wall piece before
Remember the 10 foot piece in progress? Here she is almost done! I may break her into thirds!

wall piece after
After...not sure if done! What do you think?

Menehune Foot progress...these little guys speak to me...voices carried by the winds....

cloud 1
Clouds of Kauai are so inspiring....I want to reach out & touch them!

Not quite done...more to come...I will be more diligent...
thanks for listening & looking...


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