france group
Really pretty, but something not quite right...hummm

Done! I feel good about her now!

seeds of enchantment
Or, my latest finished piece...
"Seeds of Enlightenment" 7' x 5'6"

Spirits of Place ~ A Mini-Pictorial Journal of Hawaii


July 7, 2013 ~ Entry 1:

Aloha My Friends,

I have finally begun painting after landing, getting located and setting up my studio space..... I love my studio space! It is so interesting and different for me to be documenting my paintings in progress. I feel I am a bit crazed about it.....snapping photos with my trusty I phone as I go along.....oh my....but not to worry I will be sending only a select few. But, if you are ever interested in seeing more of them....let me know.

view from kauai studio
View from Studio

kauai studio
Kauai Studio

10' x 6' first layer

wall 2
10' x 6' second layer
Oh my, I woke up this morning and said" Self...
am I painting a mural ala Diego Rivera, Orozco or Keith Harding? Or is this a diptych or triptych or quadtypch or several puzzle pieces?

10' x 6' third layer

Marking look familiar?

found object
I also have 6 others in progress...this one first layer...I think this one might be my collection box of found objects I find!

found object
Working on it....

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