Dianne Neuman Gallery - Artists

Dianne Neuman Gallery is proud to represent the following local artists: Dianne Neuman, Absract; Peter Dobbins, Photography; Blake More, Mixed Media; Joan Rhine,Textile, Handmade Paper & Wire Sculpture; Paige Likins, semi- precious gemstones & vintage pieces; Karen Glabas, fused glass; and Libby Sheets, Fine Art Bookmaker. In addition, the Gallery will offer fine handmade scarfs, hats and mirrors.

Dianne Neuman
Peter Dobbins
Blake More
Joan Rhine
Paige Likins
Libby Sheets
Karen Glabas


Dianne Neuman Gallery  | 39102 Ocean Drive (@ Hwy 1 in Cypress Village) | Gualala, CA 95445 |707-696-5701

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