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Blake More, Mixed Media - “Art is Life”

blake more art
"As Big as Life as a Shadow on a Bird's Wing"
Acrylic, collage, wasp nest, on driftwood, 2013

blake mroe art 2
"The Walls, Like your Spine"
kestrel egg, moss, poppy, daisy, acrylic, glue

A resident of California’s Mendocino Coast, Blake More is an artist with multiple creative voices and obsessions. Blurring the boundaries between disciplines, her work includes poetry, video, radio, performance, costume design, collage, teaching, painting, functional mixed media art/life pieces and wildly painted poetry art cars.

Blake's work is inspired by her life philosophy that all things are an embodiment of art, and therefore deserve to be treated as such. She uses recycled objects, materials and products whenever possible, and I welcome your feedback, commissions, and inspirations.

To explore more of Blake’s creative world, please visit

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